Top 50 Classified Ads Websites

There are hundreds or even thousands of classified ads site on the Internet. However, the majority of these sites have little (<500 visitors per month) to no discernible traffic. For the English speaking classified ad sites, there are basically 50 ad websites that dominate the classified ad space. Craigslist probably dominates 80-85% of the space and the rest of the classified operators carve up the remaining 15-20%. I have compiled an ad list of what I think are the top 50 classified ad sites.

They are in alphabetical order.

Seven Types of Classified Ads We Do Not Like to See

We have a very low tolerance for spam or scams. We ban on sight. We get some complaints about that policy but this is a private site and we reserve the right to reject anyone who doesn’t comply with our Terms of Use.

As a rule of thumb, post classified ads that match the related category. An ad for speakers obviously does not belong in autos. We consider this type of posting spam.

7 other classified ads (types) we do not like to see.

1. Loan Ads – 99% of these ads are scams and originate outside of USA.
2. Nudity Ads – That’s a different venue (not us—it is those other guys)
3. Get Rich Quick Ads – 99% of these ads are BS. Nothing in life is easy; earning legitimate money is no different. The only one benefiting is the promoter or at least until the FBI or some other law enforcement agency knocks on their door.
4.  Pharmacy Pill Ads – Personally, we wouldn’t buy pills from a free classified ad. Most of these ads originate from non-US countries. Visit your local pharmacy or visit a well-known online pharmacy.
5. Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme Ads – We delete/ban these ads on sight. They are ALL scams. You may get yourself into a lot of legal trouble if you get caught participating. If you see them, please report them to us soonest.
6. Puppy Ads – These can be legitimate but only deal in person (local). Do your homework and check out the seller. 99-100% of the overseas puppies ads are scams–don’t get involved!
7.  Gold Dust Ads – All of these ads from Africa are fake. These guys are low-life scammers.

Are you Interested in Managing a Major City for is searching for qualified “city managers” for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. You would be an independent contractor of You would manage a major city and would be responsible for generating traffic to it.

If you want to manage another major city outside the aforementioned English speaking countries, please let us know.

Here are the benefits for your effort:

1. You keep the lion-share of the premium classified ad revenue you generate. The more you promote in your area the more you make.
2. You join an established website with a mature software design
3. Software is maintained by us, not you. You will receive technical assistance via email.

Potential candidates must be trustworthy and should have a marketing/advertising background. You need to be the entrepreneur-type and possess SEO/SEM skills. All participants must have a PayPal account in order to participate. You must conform to our no-spam, no black-hat techniques or cheating of any kind. You may not place ads against the keyword “” or “FreeAdLists” or anything thing else that will defame’s reputation. You will agree to disallow/delete any type of spam, hate, blackhat techniques, illicit, or explicit/graphic porn ads (no nudity) on your managed city. If you cheat, you will be promptly terminated — no exceptions. We reserve the right to remove CMP participants if they are not following our policies/guidelines, under-performing (city is not generating noticeable traffic), refuse to pay their monthly 25% portion of premium revenue to (no exceptions), cheating, or maligning the reputation of

A marketing or advertising background is preferred.

Here is an example of a city page – Toronto (City availability is limited)

If you are looking for a get-rich quick offer, this is definitely not your opportunity.

You MUST be 18 years or older.

If you are interested, please contact us at citymgr AT freeadlists DOT com

After 3 Years, Continues to Grow in the Classified Ads Space

The other day I was asked what was the hardest part about starting Most people would think technical implementation as being the most difficult. Not hardly. Well, it was — starting it. It was very difficult to gain traction. Frankly speaking, people do not trust new websites in general for obvious and varied reasons. On the surface, classified ads seem like an easy business model to work – people post ads, people view ads. But as most small business owners already know, it’s not that easy with any small business. Anyone that tells you starting a small business is easy, you should run or get a shovel—it’s BS. But after 3 years, we are definitely gaining traction. More and more people trust our website, which was definitely not an overnight event. Our bounce rate is now one of the lowest in the classified ads industry.  I hope the site’s momentum continues and we will continue to improve its usability for our buyers and sellers.

Thank you for making a success.

Quick Tips to Improve Classified Ad Responses

Here are some quick tips to help you get more responses to your listing on – Classified Ads.

  1. Add some interesting details to your listing title. Don’t use outrageous titles.
  2. Add a detailed description to your listing and use the spell checker. The listing should include more than 2-3 sentences.
  3. Provide a price to your listing because most buyers don’t like guessing.
  4. Add photos to your listing. You can add up to 6 photos to your listing.
  5. Lastly, share the listing with your friends and family. There is a good chance your friends and family will share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Delicious or MySpace. You can do that by clicking on the “Share” button on your listing.

Message to Paid Classified Ads Posters

Here is a message to paid posters. You might not know this but you are screwing your client’s marketing/advertising efforts. I do understand there is a need for these types of activities – many legitimate businesses (real estate, law firms, booksellers, auto dealers, etc) outsource their marketing/advertising activities to others. But when you incessantly spam classified ads sites with certain keywords or URLs, you are forcing operators of these sites to take drastic measures. For example and not surprisingly, banning certain keywords and/or banning some website URLs amongst other things.

As with everything else in life, use moderation so please post your ads in moderation. Nobody needs or wants to see 10-15 “different classified ads” of the same topic.

Where the Heck is my Confirmation Email? Perhaps…

We receive numerous emails each day from posters about not receiving their confirmation email. We noticed most of these “bit bucket” emails are from the following domains:,,,,,,,,, and
Apparently these email service providers are filtering your correspondence, so please use a different email domain.
The other alternative is to register and then no confirmation email is required.
We receive numerous emails each day from posters about not receiving their confirmation emails. We noticed most of these “bit bucket” emails are from the following domains:,,,,,,,,, and  Apparently these email service providers are filtering your correspondence, so please use a different email domain.  The alternative here is to use a different domain to send your email confirmations.

Are Online Classified Ads Dismantling the Print Classifieds Industry?

Here are two telling articles about how online classified ads have practically dismantled the newspaper classified advertising industry.  This is not really a shocker but the rate of decline is somewhat surprising. Craigslist has not done it singlehandedly, but they are definitely leading this particular sector of cyberspace.

Classified Ad Revenue Down 70 Percent in 10 Years, With One Bright Spot

Classified ads plunge to $6bn from $19.6bn in 2000

But let’s be honest…

Who wants to shell out  (or any money) money to sell a piece of furniture or their 5 year old automobile? Let me guess – Not many of us because there are too many options for us not to. Plus that, online classified ads are almost real-time for registered users or other users who confirm a confirmation email. But with print advertising, it might take a few days to see your ad in circulation.  Who really wants to pay for the wait?

I know some people might say that print classifieds have staying power. Yes, that might be true but when have you actually referred to an old newspaper classified ad?

Travel Classifieds Subcategory Added to

By popular demand…(well, sort of)

We have added a Services>>Travel subcategory. Please do not submit travel classified ads to the Services>>Small Business subcategory. The Small Business category is being inundated with travel classifieds and they are miscategorized.

Previously posted travel classified ads will be left alone (at least until they expire or are pruned from the database) but future ones will be deleted if posted incorrectly.

Sorry about the inconvenience – Mea Culpa.

What Type of Classified Ads do we Accept?

I have been asked time and time again about the type of classified ads we accept. It is in the FAQs and Terms of Use, but I guess no one reads those things anymore (even though they acknowledged reading the TOU when they posted an ad).

Okay – Off the top of my head (this list is not all-inclusive)

–We do not accept credit cards or anything credit card related because 99% of these ads are scams. Most of these promoter are parasites and just making it harder for people to deal with the their credit issues.

–We do not accept pharmacy/drug/pills related classified ads. Frankly speaking, it seems pretty darn scary to buy drugs/pills online from an obscure website. That includes steroids.

–We do not accept stuffing envelopes or ad posting scams. These offers are pure BS, and most if not all, are illegal. If anything, report these useless promoters to the authorities.

–We do not accept gambling ads either. Most of those ads are scams.

–We do not accept loan offer ads. 99% of these ads are scams. If you received a “loan” from one of these promoters,  you have been had. These ads are flagged and deleted on sight.

–We do not accept sites that promote music/movie download sites because we certainly do not want people accessing “so-call free” movie/music sites. These downloads were probably obtained illegally. As you know, nothing is free in life — except regular ads on (just a little humor) — but again, you are investing your valuable time into the posting effort so it’s not really free.

–We do not accept hate/racist classifieds either. This is a private website, so we don’t have to accept that crap.

–We do not accept those Free Yorkies or Free Bulldog ads. Let’s be honest.  No one is going to give you one of these exorbitantly expensive dogs. They are going to ask you for a bogus shipping fee or some other type of BS fee. Bottom line, you will never see a dog. However, you might see your banker because you just bounced a check. My advice — deal locally or go to the local pound and get a real dog. The majority of these scammers are from overseas. Frankly speaking, most of these scammers have never seen a Yorkie  yet alone afford one.

–We reserve the right to delete any classified ad from our site that violates our Terms of Use/FAQ.  That should be common sense.

–We accept ads from posters who are 18+ (adults only). This is not a site for minors.

–Posters assume all responsibility for their classified ad.

If you post these type of aforementioned classified ads, you can pretty much assure yourself of being banned for life.