Los Angeles Real Estate on Free Classified Ad Sites

Are you considering a move to the Los Angeles area? Perhaps you reside in greater LA and are contemplating a move to another area. Regardless of your reason for searching through free classified ads for real estate in Los Angeles, you should be able to find plenty of opportunities for homes that interest you.

Los Angeles

South of Glendale and east of Santa Monica, the Los Angeles area sports some great homes that are close to all of the action that LA is famous for. Expect to pay top notch prices for any real estate in and near downtown Los Angeles.

Orange County

Nearby Orange county is the go-to zone for those who enjoy being done with the city after a hard days work. Orange county offers everything from trendy and close-to-civilization living while still allowing its residents to get a feel for the peaceful and private locales of some of our countries most rural areas.


Riverside is located along the Santa Ana river. Many locals who live here also work in the greater Los Angeles areas. A reasonable drive to work from this local paradise is worth it to most residents who move here.

San Bernadino

The San Bernadino area is also a favorite of locals who enjoy living in one of the oldest communities in the state of California. With its rich history and even richer array of shops, restaurants and other local venues, San Bernadino has a little bit to offer those with varying taste in real estate.


From Moorpark to Oxnard, areas of Ventura can resemble an imagined paradise for those who want a beautiful setting, but also enjoy a short ride only to work. With many different lovely neighborhoods, just about anyone who may need to work in local business industrial areas will find a great setting for their perfect ideal home in Ventura.


Free Classified Ads for Charity Assistance

Do you run a non-profit organization? If so you may have found yourself struggling for help whether it was in the form of paid workers, or simply just helpful and dedicated volunteers. If you have ever been a part of a charity organization you already understand how many different pools of knowledge this may require. Some of the assistance that Charities may need can include:

  • Grant Writers
  • Volunteer Launderers
  • Volunteer Cooks
  • Accounting and Bookkeepers
  • Management
  • Medical Professionals

Many of these positions can be paid and many are asked to be volunteers. However, some charities just could not function if they didn’t have the good will of those who have also dedicated their lives to serving others. So if you are running a volunteer based organization, you may want to consider using the free classified ad sites for job opening post.

Some of the things you will want to make clear about your post are as follows:

  • The hours you may need assistance whether volunteer or paid
  • The status of the job posting indicating whether it is a volunteer or paid position
  • Requirements for the specific position
  • A website or physical address
  • Whether it will be a temporary or permanent position
  • If the position is seasonal
  • If the position requires any type of heavy lifting or manual labor

And of course there may be issues specific to your organization that can be very important to include on your free classified ad. In addition, if the position requires an employee, volunteer or paid, to interact with any kind of violent offenders, toxic waste, or other things that can be immediately dangerous to an individuals well-being, it is best to state this, delicately, out front.

In general, most of those who use free classified ad sites to find helpful volunteers and workers for their charity organizations have fairly good luck. It can also be a great place for any small .org to find talented web designers who can help them to make their web presence known.


Things You Can Use Sell On Los Angeles Free Classified Ads

Los Angeles sure doesn’t have any shortage of shops and stores, all over, all kinds, for all imaginable products or services. However, there is a large market as well for thrift buying and selling, and often this type of sales are conducted via online classified ad sites. Some items you can find on classified ad sites are common:

  • Real Estate
  • Pets for Sale
  • Automobiles
  • Appliances
  • College Text Books
  • Electronics

And the list simply goes on, however, there is another rather large market that some people may not consider can be as lucrative as they actually are. Some of the more unusual items or services you can sell on the Los Angeles Free Classified sites are:

Vintage Items

Vintage items have many uses on Los Angeles. From movie set period clothing to Costume party gear, vintage clothing sells well. This doesn’t even mention vintage items that can be priceless on the right movie set or stage.You won’t ever know how much an item you have is worth to someone else unless you post it on an  ad site.

Classic and Collectors Cars

If you have a classic machine, selling it in Los Angeles free classified ads may be the answer you have been looking for. If your auto is just too sweet to turn it over at cost to someone who will garage it as well, try posting it on classified ad sites in and around LA. With so many serious classic car collectors in this locale, you have a great shot at finding the perfect new owner for your classic creation.


Did you say hair? Yes hair. For the same reasons as all of the above, great hair, especially long hair is a great commodity in LA. If you have good hair and are considering selling it as you have it cut, go ahead and place an ad on the free ad sites. It can’t hurt and the prices for good and healthy long hair may astound you.


Free Online Classifed Ads for Finding Lost Loved Ones

Unfortunately, too often then is comfortable for any of us, families, friends and neighbors find themselves wondering what happened to that person that meant so much to them. Or perhaps, that special bond was never allowed to grow due to circumstances in an individuals childhood that took them away from their family and friends. For whatever the reasons, those who have been forced to deal with losses such as these thank their lucky stars for the Internets searching capabilities. Or at least they should. So what should a person do if they are searching for a loved one?

Try to find the last known place the person was. You can do this by checking property records, criminal records, or even by simply contacting an old family member or friend who has maintained contact with your missing loved one.

If you lost your loved ones due to the adoption of you or other siblings you may also have an outlet in checking with the Social Service agency that handled the legal aspect. In many states now you have the right to petition for that information. However, just attaining that information may not be enough. Most especially if it has been many years since the adoption took place.

Once you find a location where your loved one was most recently spotted, head to the free classified ads boards online and begin posting. The best thing to post to avoid causing any stressful issues for you or the person you are searching for is:

  • The first and last name
  • The age and race
  • The last known location
  • Your relationship to the person or your explanation as to why you seek them

Additionally, there are some things you should not post to avoid safety concerns or even just to avoid embarrassment to the person you seek.

  • Person information
  • The last place a person worked
  • What caused you to separate
  • The persons parents, siblings or personals friends names
  • Their last known home address or current suspected one

In general, it is best to post only those things that wouldn’t annoy you to have viewed, and if you are a particularly thick skinned person, don’t expect others to be. Get some advice if you need to from someone else who may have been able to locate a missing loved one through free classified ads postings online.


Interesting USA Jobs Classifieds

If you are like many people these days, the hunt for reliable and well paying work is never ending. However, there are a few legitimate jobs that can be done on at least a part time basis, most especially to help with the holiday season. These jobs can require anything from basic to advanced skills on the internet and with many office programs.Checking out classified ads postings can open up a whole new world of USA Jobs.

Data Entry

Do not take just any USA Jobs that present themselves, and this is especially one of them. Be sure you are not working for a corporation that has a shady method of pay. Using an internet pay program is most common for serious internet employers. Additionally, USA jobs may also require you to fill out W-9 forms for yours and their tax purposes. Be prepared for that possibility.

Graphics Design

You do not have to be a genius with photo shop or another graphics program to make a bit of money from designing things like logos, banners and other quick shot graphics. There are some incredible free classified ads sites where this type of USA jobs can be found quickly.

Writing Jobs

Writing jobs are considering some of the highest in demand USA jobs around. For this reason it can be important to browse the classified ads as well as post ads of your own to advertise your skills. With so many other writers trying to break into this niche, it pays to be proactive in your job search.

Tech Support

If you have an IT degree this can be the perfect job for you. Fortunately tech USA jobs are abundant on and off of classified ads sites. Again, this is the perfect time to consider creating your own classified advertisement to hawk your own wares, skills and services. With anything from live chat or even phone support that can be quickly rerouted to your home or cell phone during business hours. This can be a great supplemental income for anyone with this skill set.

Regardless of why you may be looking for USA jobs or the type you prefer, watching and posting your own classified ads can be a lot of help in getting your name out there to prospective employers who may be looking for the exact skills you have to offer.


Post Free Classified Ads for Your Freelance Portfolio

Often those freelance workers who spend so much time working for others, sometimes to the detriment of their own pay or career, cannot exactly afford to have a contemporary website built for them that includes a handy contact form for inviting prospective US jobs as well as in any country around the globe. Unfortunately, not all freelance workers are aware of the benefits that can be discovered by creating posts on free classified ads sites.

Since free ad posting sites allow a user to post their specific products and services, along with providing a means of email communications whether it is to an individual email account or to an email account on the free classified ads sites server. This is an effective means of communication for those who may not have the knowledge or the budget to purchase a more personalized form of communications.

Is This Actually Effective?

Yes. The best part of it is that the free ads sites have already perfected their own systems for the SEO of their site as well as any ads created on it. For this reason it is very important to follow all posting guidelines. They are there to be sure your post is search engine optimized and the benefit to both parties is mutual. In essence, the higher ranking your specific classified ads post, the higher ranked that page is for the classifieds site ad is posted to.

How Will I Advertise My Advertisement?

Simple. Fortunately for all of us, even most free classified ads sites allow social book marking, social media and other means of instantly sending your ads out to the masses. Additionally, many of these sites allow for links that are viewable by those who may not have an account. Supplying a prospective client with a link to your ad may be the quickest way to provide an easy to read run down of your products or services.


How to Advertise USA Jobs on Free Internet Advertising Sites

With the economy just barely beginning to pull out of its slump, many classified ad sites find themselves once again immersed in opportunities for USA jobs that range from the full time, fully benefited positions that were so hard won just a year ago, to the once again optional part time job opportunities that had to double as full time work for so many who were forced to struggle through the USA jobs slump.

Why so Difficult?

Some who are returning to internet advertising sites are confused by some of the newly implemented requirements for posting, others complain that their want ads are being flagged or removed with no explanation as to why. This can be incredibly frustrating for employers who are looking for great new employees to add to their companies, but of course can be a great source of frustration for those who are looking for USA jobs to rise above their economic struggles as well.

Fortunately, there are many free online classifieds available that allow you to make precise classified ad postings that can help bring you employees, or even help to bring you a prospective employer. Among other things that free internet advertising sites offer are the abilities to post auto classifieds, coin auctions, antique collectibles and even homes for sale.

Easy Posting for Free Online Classifieds

Regardless of what is being posted, most users look for a clean and clear format for posting. Free internet advertising sites that have complicated submission guidelines or extended wait times for post to be approved may not be the best place to attempt to post. Often by the time your post goes live, your time sensitive classified ad post is already a need of the past. To post free ads on internet advertising sites, a few bits of information are imperative.

Title - Try to title your ad using the best words to represent which specific USA jobs can be found within the classified ad

Body – Although it is better to keep it as short and to the point as possible, sometimes there can be a need to elaborate a bit on what you are looking for in an employee

Contact Information – Different free internet advertising sites require different sorts of contact information. Although some will let you post your contact information directly, others will require the utilization of their own personal email database. Be sure

Always be prepared for an influx of emails from those who may be interested in what you have to offer, most especially if you are offering positions in USA jobs. With so many still looking for consistent work these days, you may want to grab the best ones available while they still are.


Top 50 Classified Ads Websites

There are hundreds or even thousands of classified ads site on the Internet. However, the majority of these sites have little (<500 visitors per month) to no discernible traffic. For the English speaking classified ad sites, there are basically 50 ad websites that dominate the classified ad space. Craigslist probably dominates 80-85% of the space and the rest of the classified operators carve up the remaining 15-20%. I have compiled an ad list of what I think are the top 50 classified ad sites.

They are in alphabetical order.



Seven Types of Classified Ads We Do Not Like to See

We have a very low tolerance for spam or scams. We ban on sight. We get some complaints about that policy but this is a private site and we reserve the right to reject anyone who doesn’t comply with our Terms of Use.

As a rule of thumb, post classified ads that match the related category. An ad for speakers obviously does not belong in autos. We consider this type of posting spam.

7 other classified ads (types) we do not like to see.

1. Loan Ads – 99% of these ads are scams and originate outside of USA.
2. Nudity Ads – That’s a different venue (not us—it is those other guys)
3. Get Rich Quick Ads – 99% of these ads are BS. Nothing in life is easy; earning legitimate money is no different. The only one benefiting is the promoter or at least until the FBI or some other law enforcement agency knocks on their door.
4.  Pharmacy Pill Ads – Personally, we wouldn’t buy pills from a free classified ad. Most of these ads originate from non-US countries. Visit your local pharmacy or visit a well-known online pharmacy.
5. Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme Ads – We delete/ban these ads on sight. They are ALL scams. You may get yourself into a lot of legal trouble if you get caught participating. If you see them, please report them to us soonest.
6. Puppy Ads – These can be legitimate but only deal in person (local). Do your homework and check out the seller. 99-100% of the overseas puppies ads are scams–don’t get involved!
7.  Gold Dust Ads - All of these ads from Africa are fake. These guys are low-life scammers.

Are you Interested in Managing a Major City for FreeAdLists.com?

FreeAdLists.com is searching for qualified “city managers” for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. You would be an independent contractor of FreeAdLists.com. You would manage a major city and would be responsible for generating traffic to it.

If you want to manage another major city outside the aforementioned English speaking countries, please let us know.

Here are the benefits for your effort:

1. You keep the lion-share of the premium classified ad revenue you generate. The more you promote in your area the more you make.
2. You join an established website with a mature software design
3. Software is maintained by us, not you. You will receive technical assistance via email.

Potential candidates must be trustworthy and should have a marketing/advertising background. You need to be the entrepreneur-type and possess SEO/SEM skills. All participants must have a PayPal account in order to participate. You must conform to our no-spam, no black-hat techniques or cheating of any kind. You may not place ads against the keyword “freeadlists.com” or “FreeAdLists” or anything thing else that will defame FreeAdLists.com’s reputation. You will agree to disallow/delete any type of spam, hate, blackhat techniques, illicit, or explicit/graphic porn ads (no nudity) on your managed city. If you cheat, you will be promptly terminated — no exceptions. We reserve the right to remove CMP participants if they are not following our policies/guidelines, under-performing (city is not generating noticeable traffic), refuse to pay their monthly 25% portion of premium revenue to FreeAdLists.com (no exceptions), cheating, or maligning the reputation of FreeAdLists.com.

A marketing or advertising background is preferred.

Here is an example of a city page – Toronto (City availability is limited)

If you are looking for a get-rich quick offer, this is definitely not your opportunity.

You MUST be 18 years or older.

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